Bbeneficts Right Usage And Dosage of TB-500

TB 500 is a peptide in form of protein Thymosin beta -4 comprising of 43 amino acids that is converted to actin protein that helps in cell differentiation, migration and proliferation. TB 500 is present in almost all human and animal cells and is readily available at a relatively cheap price, making it affordable to all people. A lot of people confuse TB 500 with TB-4, TB-4 is absolutely different from TB 500 as it is mostly used for research purpose, not available for human usage and its extremely expensive. If you are an athletic and have an acute or chronic injury then TB 500 is the best peptide for use.

Benefits of using TB 500

· Rapid tissue repair

This is the primary function of this peptide, when one is injured Thymosin beta -4 are produced in high amounts and it promote endothelial and keratinocyte migration which enable it to travel long distance thus speeds up the healing process.

· Fight inflammation

Thymosin beta -4 acts as anti-inflammatory agents by reducing swelling of tissue in the lowers inflammatory inducing cytokines which induces inflammation as well as minimizing inflammation of white cells.

· Cell building

It helps in regulating Actin protein that is important in building cell.Actin protein is an essential component of cell structure and movement.

· Increase muscle growth

TB-500 also enhance growth of muscle and increase its strength.

· Promote hair growth

This peptide also promotes hair regrowth that is lost to male-pattern baldness and darkens portions of gray hair.

· Maintain flexibility

When the injured area is completely healed, this peptide helps increase flexibility in that area.

· Stretches connective tissues

· Improve muscle tone

· Relax muscle spasm.

· Repair damaged heart tissues following a heart attack.

· Prevent formation of fibrous and adhesion bands in ligaments, muscles and tendons.


Tb-500 is usually in form of powder and must be mixed with bacteriostatic water and allowed to dissolve. The recommended dosage is 2.0 or 2.5mg that is injected into the body fat right under the skin twice per week for four to six week and must be followed by monthly injection of 2.0 or 2.5mg of TB 500.A combination of TB 500 and MK-2866 can be used for optimal healing because it enable healing benefits of SARMS and peptide which are the best.

Side effects

The following side effect can be experienced when using TB 500

· Head rush.

· Sense of lethargy.

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